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It's not about us: it's about you and us. With a strong commitment to offer the best healthcare websites to chiropractors worldwide, we are a team of dedicated professionals who understand the chiropractic industry. We are here to bring solutions so you can offer the absolute best service to your clients, be it by investing in a new, modern website, getting business consultancy, optimising your marketing and SEO and more: our team is here to help you succeed.

Jake Currie from Innate Creative team

Jake Currie


Jake graduated from RMIT University, Melbourne Australia in 2013. After practicing for 4 years, he decided the day to day operation of a practice was not for him. Realising there were so many chiropractors out there who were losing new patients through having outdated and unprofessional websites, Jake decided this was an area that he could use his skills to help more practitioners to grow their practice and founded Innate Creative together with his partner Jaz Consendine. With a firm understanding of what it takes to run a successful private practice, Jake brings his knowledge of patient attraction and chiropractic communication to the table. Although Jake is no longer practicing as a chiropractor he is passionate about the Mind Body connection and the emotional cause of disease. Practicing German New Medicine and presenting on his podcast, Mind Body Masters.

Gus Schiavon from Innate Creative team

Gus Schiavon

Managing Director/Developer

An adventurer and nomad at heart, Gus dedicates his coding skills into developing modern, optimised & simple-to-use websites for Innate Creative. Always interested in new technologies and bringing best-practices into the Innate Creative websites codebase, he is also responsible for the website support and customisations required by our clients. Gus has recently taken over Innate Creative as managing director, with a vision to transform the agency into a global healthcare web solutions provider.

Dr. Josh Wagner from Innate Creative team

Dr. Josh Wagner

Founder - Patient Mastery

Dr. Josh Wagner has helped countless Chiropractors throughout the world become the Go To Provider, love their practice and be on the right path to financial freedom. He is the author of "You Deserve It" and Creator of Patient Mastery platform for faster practice growth while increasing the reputation and perception of Chiropractic worldwide. Dr. Wagner provides free practice growth resources and videos at the website:

Karen Doane from Innate Creative team

Karen Doane

SEO & Copywriting Specialist

As a sports journalist and sponsored athlete, Karen has written and delivered communications for some of the most well-known global brands and personalities for over 20 years. Her current focus is to create content while communicating a company’s message in their tone of voice. All of this while incorporating keywords that creates Google love for you and your website. With her additional coding knowledge, she understands how design and content work together to bring the best results to our clients.

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